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Villa d'Este location and directions

Where is Villa d'Este located?

Address: Piazza Trento, 5 - 00019 Tivoli - RM

Villa d'Este, situated in Tivoli, approximately 30 kilometers East of Rome, is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its stunning Italian Renaissance architecture and gardens.
Closest landmark: Villa Adriana (6.7 km away)

Getting to Villa d'Este by public transportation

By train
By bus

Best for: Saving time
Train lines: FL2, R, RV
Travel time: 1 hour ( From Roma Tiburtina)
Nearest stop: Tivoli Train Station, 1.1 km
Timings: 5am - 10pm

  • Board the FR2 Regional Rail-line at Roma Tiburtina.
  • Get off at Tivoli Train Station.
  • Villa d'Este is a kilometer away from the station, you can either take a cab or if comfortable, walk to the Villa.

Best for: Budget travel
Bus lines: COTRAL, VILLAE, 2, 3, 4C, 4D
Travel time: Approximately 45 minutes (from Rome Tiburtina Bus Terminal)
Closest stop: Tivoli Bus Terminal or Piazza Garibaldi, 210 m away
6am - 8pm; every 2 hours

  • To reach Tivoli, you can take COTRAL Linea 4 or other COTRAL buses. The central bus stop in Tivoli is typically located at the Tivoli Bus Terminal or Piazza Garibaldi, which is a central hub for buses arriving from Rome.
  • From this central point, you can easily explore Tivoli and its various attractions, including Villa d'Este as it is a short drive away.

Getting to Villa d'Este by car

Driving route
Parking facilities


Best for: Convenience
Travel time: Approximately 1 hour (from Rome city center)
Distance: Approximately 36 km

One of the most straightforward routes to Villa d'Este in Tivoli from Rome city center is:

  • From Rome city center, head northeast on A24 (Autostrada dei Parchi) for approximately 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).
  • Take the "Tivoli" exit, clearly marked, which leads you into the town of Tivoli.
  • Follow the signs for "Villa d'Este" once in Tivoli, and you'll find the entrance on your right after about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) on Via Tiburtina.
limited on-site parking

If you plan to drive to Villa d'Este, please note that there is limited on-site parking available. However, you can find convenient parking options in close proximity to Villa d'Este:

  • Piazzale Matteotti: There is a parking area at Piazzale Matteotti, which is 6-min walk from Villa d'Este.
  • Parcheggio Lungo Aniene: Another parking option is the Parcheggio Lungo Aniene parking facility, 13-min away, located near Ponte della Pace, close to Villa d'Este.
  • Parcheggio Della Panoramica: It is located west of Piazza Garibaldi, on the left as you enter Tivoli on the road from Rome. It is one of the closest parking options to the villa, a short 3-min walk.

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Frequently asked questions about Villa d'Este's location

Which is the best way to get to Villa d'Este?

The best way to get to Villa d'Este is by taking the train from Rome. Trains run regularly throughout the day from Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina stations, with the journey taking 35-58 minutes.

Which is the fastest way to get to Villa d'Este?

The fastest way to get to Villa d'Este is by taking the train from Rome, which takes 35-58 minutes depending on the specific train.

Which is the cheapest way to get to Villa d'Este?

Taking the train from Rome to Tivoli is the most economical option, with tickets costing around $8 on average.

Which is the closest stop to Villa d'Este ?

The closest bus and train stop to the Villa is Tivoli Station.

Which bus line do I take to reach Villa 'd Este from Rome?

The CONTRAL 4 bus lines among other bus lines departing from Rome Tiburtina connect Tivoli to Rome. From their, you can take a CAT bus to reach Villa'd Este

Is Tivoli Station within walking distance to the villa?

The Villa is about a kilometer away from Tivoli Station. While it is possible to walk towards the Villa, it is perhaps a better option to book a cab to save energy.

Which train line do I take to reach Villa d'Este?

Visitors can board the FR2 Regional Rail-line at Roma Tiburtina to Tivoli Station to reach Villa d'Este

Can I park at Villa d'Este?

Yes, there are several parking options available near Villa d'Este, including a multi-storey car park near Rocca Pia, a parking lot in Piazza Garibaldi, and a parking area at the corner of Via Aldo Moro and Via Inversata.